23 August 2008

Raw Milk Debate

I have only had raw (cow) milk one or two times, but farmers who produce a clean organic produce like this should be supported, not prosecuted.


Anonymous said...

Here is my question, if you took the time to put it was (cow) milk, what kind of raw milk have you had lots of times?

Mark Miller said...

I haven't had any since I helped milk a cow on my grandpa's farm in Chickasaw, OH when I was 8. I vaguely remember it being pretty tastey, although I couldn't get used to it being so warm.

This article makes me want to buy the stuff just to piss off the heavy-handed regulators.

valereee said...

I drink raw milk. It's ridiculous that I have to join a herdshare and drive forty miles round-trip to get it when I can walk to ten different sources of liquor and cigarettes.