27 August 2008

Fairview Park Photos

Tuesday, a few hours at Fairview Park. The clouds were coming over the hills in a dramatic fashion, and the vegetation is lush despite no rain for weeks:

Old Fairview School, and WGUC tower:

Fairview Park pool, baseball fields, soccer field:

Supper picnic with view of the city:

I-phone takes better pics than most phones, but not as good as a real camera.


Anonymous said...

The tower shown in the photo is owned by Channel 5; although I believe they rent space to other broadcasters. Fairview is a nice park and a great asset to our neighborhood.

CityKin said...

I thought it was WGUC, but I'm not sure why I thought that. Do you have any idea what the long-term plan is for the old Fairview site? I heard Taft Elementary will use it next year as swing space.

Quimbob said...

In Frances Trollope's Book, Domestic Manners of the Americans, she describes going on a picnic somewhere along that hillside around 1830. The view would have been a bit different. :-)
Watch out for bees.

CityKin said...

Yes there were bees