26 February 2007

Nature Deficit Disorder

Many of us grew up exploring woods and natural areas near our childhood homes. I personally spent hours on end away from my parents playing in creeks and woods. Unfortunately most of these places I once enjoyed are gone, covered with sprawl. Fear of neighbors, traffic and liability has resulted in more and more children cut-off from the natual world.

There is a group in Cincinnati forming to end this trend. They are bringing author Richard Louv to speak. His talk, which was cancelled because of snow, will be rescheduled later this year.

An Evening with Richard Louv, author of "Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder". Children's worlds, limitless in cyberspace, are shrinking in reality. Louv will speak about the growing disconnect between children and nature and will offer simple, practical suggestions to reverse that trend. In addition to Richard Louv, the program will feature a panel of local experts in the areas of health, education, safety and the role of technology in raising healthy children.

Hopefully he will address children in the urban environment.

23 February 2007

Bockfest March 2-4

Bockfest is not a family oriented event. But kids like parades, and they have a goofy parade Friday evening 5:30-7:30. Hope to see you there:
Bockfest has something to do with goats I think.
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21 February 2007

Get outa here

Annually, we find it necessary to get out of Dodge for a few days in February. Too much time spent in drafty indoors, and too many days with temperatures in the teens, usually means a long weekend trip to some place at least slightly warmer.

So, we tried Mammoth Caves this past weekend. All kids should experience going deep into the earth at least once. Depending on the depth, most caves are a constant temperature in the mid 50's so winter is a great time to visit without the crowds. Also, it is amazing how much warmer it is south of the Ohio river. Half way into Kentucky, snow is a much rarer occurrence than here.

However next year, I think we will go still further south.
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13 February 2007


Over the weekend I met lots of city parents.

First we met up with the MAMs, or Mt Adam's Moms group that formed to help save the pool there last year. All the couples arranged babysitters and met at the Celestial for drinks and dinner. The celestial is a kind of place I hear about, but have never gone. It is a bit of an older crowd, but the live jazz was nice and the view obviously excellent. This was a great group of couples, all with children about the same age as ours. Seems like an enjoyable group of people, all raising young families. Hope to see more of them.

Second I took my son to a birthday party and a valentines day party. The first was in Fairview, the second in Northside. Both families live on quiet streets that had other children living there, and at both places I met lots of other parents.

When I see new families in the city it gives me hope that Cincinnati can make it. I love it.

01 February 2007

Washington Park redesign

Washington Park is being re-designed. This pool and the playground will be redesigned, and may be removed!

Give your input at a
Public Meeting, Feb. 1st at 6pm.
There will be a Follow-up Meeting March 27th, also at 6pm.

Meetings will be held at Memorial Hall and are conducted by the Park Board.