09 August 2008

Classic Town Branding

A campaign in Philedelphia to re-brand some older, first ring suburbs as "Classic Towns might be a good idea for Cincinnati neighborhoods such as Cheviot, Mt Healthy, Silverton, and many others?

...They are places that have been long suffering as homebuyers the past few decades have opted for more spacious homes on large lots in new subdivisions on the suburban fringe.

The result has been crippling to the region's so-called first suburbs, left to struggle with declining population, aging infrastructure, and loss of industry that once bolstered their tax base.

...If you live in these walkable mixed-use communities with convenient access to public transit, you probably can get rid of at least one car in your driveway.

While planners have been advocating for years a return to older communities as a way to curb suburban sprawl, Seymour said, "I think now with gas prices, the market is finally catching up to those policy objectives."

...The plan calls for converting many of the tired shopping centers ... into mixed-use complexes of retail on the street level, topped with apartments and condominiums.


Matt said...

Man, Philly seems to have a lot going on right now - at least marketing-wise.

Anonymous said...

The problem will continue to exist when corporate behavior runs unfettered. I cite GE's move to West Chester as a perfect example.

I can't be so less smart than to digest ANY reason for this move. I've heard none.