16 January 2012

Adriatico's New Location

We tried to go to Adriatico's yesterday. It looked like they were open, but they were just doing deliveries. They said the restaurant will hopefully open Thursday. They just built a new building next to Pomodori's. After decades of being a delivery or take-out only location, they are now offering seating with dozens of beers on tap. Can't wait.  
[Where: 113 West McMillan Street, Cincinnati, OH 45219]

05 January 2012

Another Walk 2

A New Years walk is turning into a bit of a tradition with my son. I love the quiet companionship on a cold day walk. First came upon the recently demolished 1314 Vine Cornice laying on ground  
Stones intended for Washington Park to match old stones around perimeter 
SWC Walnut and Mercer, demolition happening this week 
Somehow never noticed this doorway before 
This nondescript building on E 14th hides an upscale residence 
This is a very strange building, seen from Findlay Street is kindof an annex to the building at the corner of Vine and McMicken  
[where: 3 West McMicken, Cincinnati, OH 45202](rear) Vacant and condemned buildings owned by a church located in Washington DC,,, What a waste.. 
Northern end of Findlay Playground 
Two vacant houses on the northernmost stub of Republic Street 
private alley between Vine and McMicken 
Only a few buildings on lonely Kirk Alley, heading up to Ohio Street Steps 
This single family house with an unusually huge front yard at 104 W Clifton backs up against Kirk Alley above.  It is for sale for $110K 
Steps that once went somewhere  
Looking back down 100 steps, Ohio Street  
Mulberry in the distance. I was reminded of the area to the left which a commenter on a previous post said was called Little Bethlehem.  
When at Adriatico's last week, I noticed that their delivery map listed some sub-neighborhoods that I had never heard of, including Little Bethlehem and Jerusalem...The blue line is zip code boundary  
The same map had Frenchman's Corner near Brighton Corner (but now under I-75) and Rohs Hill at the top of Straight Street  
Civil war era house at high point on Ohio Avenue in bad shape.  
(where: 2210 Ohio Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45219) It had been a gray cold day, but just as the sun set, it broke through the clouds  
On the way back down the hill, we found fossils on the steep cliffs of West Clifton Ave.  
Son really wants to climb this cliff. Maybe next time.  
Almost home, Prince of Peace church with moon,  

01 January 2012

video try

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