20 August 2008

Downtown Tour of Living Sept 27th

I always have trouble finding out when this tour is, so to remind myself, I am posting this:
Downtown Tour of Living date is Saturday, September 27th from 12pm – 5pm. The theme of this year’s Tour focuses on our walk-able, green, urban lifestyle. All properties on the tour are in the Central Business District and Over-the-Rhine and are owner/renter occupied units. Distance between properties is walk-able. Tickets will be $15/person (the first 1000 ticket purchasers, advanced and sameday, receive a $5 Downtown Gift Card). The event is produced by Downtown Cincinnati Incorporated. The Downtown Residents Council is a sponsor of the Downtown Tour of Living. For more information or to volunteer, please contact info at ilivedowntown dot com (Please put "Downtown Tour of Living" in the subject line)
Our kids may run a lemonade stand again this year near Mica. Look for us and say hi.

I'll repost this a week before the event.


Randy Simes said...

A lemonade stand would be a very cool/good idea. It would send a very welcoming neighborhood feel to those considering a unit there.

Downtown Cincinnati Inc. said...

What a cool blog. Thanks so much for supporting the Tour of Living this year! There is one correction though, the first 250 tickets purchased will come with a $10 Downtown Gift Card. For more info check out http://downtowncincinnati.com/tourofliving.

VisuaLingual said...

Yes, let's have the street vendors out in full force for the tour! I wonder if Enzo's will be open that weekend as well.

I love the lemonade stand and wouldn't fault you for doing it that day, but it's also frustrating when potential condo-dwellers see a misrepresentation of the neighborhood. I understand putting one's best foot forward, so to speak, but seeing it happen kind of irks me.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I recently started a blog called Just Past Central. Give it a read sometime. I read your blog faithfully and appreciate your insight. See ya for lemonade! Thanks!

Anonymous said...


CityKin said...

A few points. I mention the lemonade stand, mostly because I want people to come and introduce themselves if they see me.

Secondly, I think we would do it that day because we want to do it when there is lots of foot traffic, not because it will entice condo buyers.

Thirdly, many people like myself, go on the tour who are not condo shopping.

Fourthly, I don't think a lemonade stand is a misrepresentation of OTR.

valereee said...

I think someone should set up a beer stand. :D

Clickable link: Downtown Tour of Living