25 August 2008

Blog Blahs

I feel this blog has not been up to par lately. My readership, which steadily increased for a year or so, has plateaued and I have felt inhibited in my writing.

I just read a short list entitled, What Makes a Good Blog. I agree with the points and will take them to heart.


Radarman said...

Don't give up. You've been on my must read daily list for a long time. Nobody else does what you do.

CityKin said...

Thanks. May slow a bit, but definitely will not stop.

5chw4r7z said...

This how-to by Tony is awesome.
Tony Pierce Busblog
He recommends reading Raymi, who I love, and I guess you can see my inspiration in. But if your passion is writing, Zulieka brings tears to my eyes every fourth or fifth post and rubs my nose in how much I suck at blogging.

Anonymous said...

How many Cincinatti based blogs can claim international readership like CityKin can?