25 October 2012

W McMicken Bizarre Bazaar

The West McMicken Home Improvement Association has an event this Sunday which woudl definitely be worth seeing. It is held 10-4 at the Graphic Communications Union parking lot at 2351 W McMicken. See you there.


16 October 2012

Old OTR Efficiency Apts

These two apartments were occupied just last year. They are very small and primitive efficiency apartments with gas space heaters, gas stove, tiny metal kitchen sink, kitchen table, dresser and bed. There were 18 of these in this one building, which may be rehabbed into 8 larger apartments.

 This here is the smallest. What you see is the entire apartment, except a very small toilet room off to the left.

Here is a cheap enameled metal kitchen sink on wood supports.  This sink at least 80 years old.

This is the largest apartment, up in the top floor.  They were rented furnished: