05 August 2008

City-Wide Swim Meet

Last year the City-wide swim meet was held at UC in their indoor pool. It was nice there, because there were many many lanes, and all the competitors could swim at once. This year, the CRC did not get the grant to hold the meet at UC, so they held it at Ryan Pool, which only has 6 lanes, and the heats had to be divided. Still the setting is pretty good, because everyone can sit on the hillside surrounding the pool and watch.

In the CRC Aquatics Plan, Ryan Pool is the only pool not part of a Community Center that will remain open. I'm not sure why that is. The pool sits in a large park, called Ryan Memorial Commons, and is in a nice residential area, across the street from St. Catherine's church and school. I saw councilmember Monzel there cheering his daughter but didn't think it was an appropriate time to lobby him about our pool.

Pool house, and six swimming lanes:

Diving board, deep end, and hillside dotted with teams and families:

Three boys from Otto Armledder Pool at Dunham, with marker tattoos:

Dunham Rubber Duckies:

Ryan Pool Marker:

Playing cards, a swim meet tradition:

I'm proud to report that Washington Park swimmers won two second place ribbons!!!

[Where: 3324 Meyer Place, Cincinnati, OH 45211]


Radarman said...

Why didn't they use the much larger pool at the Lincoln Center in the West End? It's a beautiful facility. Of course, it's not open to swimmers who want to do laps before or after work.

CityKin said...

Or at Pleasant Ridge, which has the largest swim team? I think Ryan has lots of space around it for families and a large parking lot, and I think that played into the decision. The Pleasant Ridge Community Center parking lot fills up pretty quick.

CityKin said...

And none of the pools offer morning swims and only a very few have selected evenings open. Even fewer are open on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Lincoln Pool is beautiful and I wish it was more utilized but it is a 50 meter pool and can't accomodate swim meets. The 8 and under group only swim 25 meter events. Also all the relays are divided into 25 meter lengths so a 50 meter pool would not work.

CityKin said...

^Thanks. I thought that might be the case but didn't want to assume.

dew said...

Mike -

I keep hearing from several CRC folks that the Ziegler pool will remain. Not sure if this will ultimately be true or not, but I hear that's the latest plan.

CityKin said...

I think it may remain as-is for a few years. The Aquatics Plan still calls for it's eventual removal. My hopes are that it will be significantly upgraded instead.