04 October 2016

Some Random Old Photos

1524 Elm in the snow, 1990s

Bill Monroe at Lawrenceberg Fairgrounds, 1995

View from The Fulda 5th floor looking north to roofs of 1524, 1528 Elm

Trick or Treaters at 1524 Elm

1222 Race 2FF apartment before rehab

Reds Opening Day Parade 1999

19 August 2014

First Housing Project 1935 NYC

Before segregation of uses and before the influence of modernists:

09 July 2014

Getting to Zero Car Deaths

John Massengale has a great blog post up about cars in a crowded city. The videos are awesome.

07 January 2014

End of Blogs

Kottke, the original and still one of the best bloggers around wrote an entry a few weeks ago saying that blogs were dead or ...not. I agree. What seems to work for smaller blogs like this is to link to your blog via Twitter and Facebook posts. That way you can have some longer, essays, but realize most people will only read the 140 characters in the feed. .. It also helps to have snark and lists of the top things you didn't know, but are true. Onward