28 October 2008

OTR Under Construction!

This new construction in Over the Rhine is very exciting. It is so strange to see new wood framing in the Washington Park area. Both projects are at about the same rough framing stage and are showing lots of promise. Enjoy.

First is the new construction on Pleasant Street by OTR Community Housing. In the photo are the 5 new townhouses, but the project also includes the rehab of several buildings.

The garages, with living above, facing alley:
Visible between two buildings:
I love this new view of Pleasant Street taking shape!
Previous posts on this project: Demo and Foundations.

Next is a condo project by The Model Group. This has first a concrete first floor commercial space, with wood-framed residential above.

View from Republic and 14th:
View of the Model Project from Vine:
Previous Post showing demolition of previous buildings on this site. First Concrete and rendering. Progress photo from August.

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