14 October 2008

Summers of Ice Cream and Art

KuyaMatt is an ice cream junkie. He would live on the stuff if he could. Sometimes on vacation I'll call "ice cream for dinner night" and take the family to DQ or A&W. Everyone else gets food first; he and I are the only ones who enjoy a purely frozen feast. AdamBomb likes it too, but he's not in love.

Both were also blessed with artistic talent. They draw for fun and come up with some impressive stuff. KuyaMatt got a ribbon at the Hyde Park art show years ago. AdamBomb won a free ice cream in a Graeter's picture contest.

In summer 2007 both high-schoolers flirted with getting summer jobs. KuyaMatt applied at the Graeter's a block and half from home, and both applied to Artworks. KuyaMatt, going through a period of procrastination, applied too late and didn't get either one. AdamBomb landed the Artworks gig, but had to decline due to schedule conflict with a study skills course we already paid for.

Coming into Summer 2008 their planning was much better. The Artworks application made the deadline, this time including a full color portfolio. The Graeter's application was submitted plenty early, this time with some networking and key recommendations to back it up. And they each got what they aimed for.

Only now it's KuyaMatt that wound up at Artworks, and AdamBomb who works at Graeter's. How's a poor parent supposed to keep all this straight?

Kids...you gotta love 'em.

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