26 October 2008

Wasssuppp and Adelman

"McCain's views are closer to mine than Obama's. But I've learned over this Bush era to value competence along with ideology. Otherwise, our ideology gets discredited, as it has so disastrously over the past eight years.

... I concluded that McCain would not -- could not -- be a good president. Obama just might be.

That's become good enough for me -- however much of a triumph (as Dr. Johnson said about second marriages) of hope over experience."-Ken Adelman, former assistant to Donald Rumsfeld and advisor to Ronald Reagan,

Is Palin going anti-McCain? Why was Palin in Iowa today, when all the polls show Obama up there 53 to McCain's 41? Is she thinking about the next campaign?


Cincinnati NAMjA said...

I am glad you came to your senses...lol

Randy Simes said...

Love the video.

CityKin said...

You know, sometimes I am way out of touch on cultural memes, and I had never seen the original wassup ad, but this new one is so hilarious, I have watched it several times.

Today at church, the announcements sounded so depressing but similar to the feeling in the video. There were announcements about sons getting injured in Iraq, people running a raffle to pay for medical costs and then afterwards I'm talking to a friend who just lost his job, and another friend having financial troubles and with resultant marriage stress.

I feel thankful that my family is relatively OK when I hear these stories; but I do think the video captures the general mood of the country right now.