24 October 2008

Bob Stern in NYC and Seneca Place Covington

Traditional urban townhouses are in demand, even in this dismal housing market. But architects continue to be disdainful. They have not been trained to design them and they learn in school that respect is earned by breaking precedent, not learning from it.
See for an example of this the comments on a thread about new townhouses in NYC by Robert AM Stern.
...has been compared to something out of Reston, Virginia. With the mish-mash of neo-Georgian goodies we can see where that's coming from. However Stepford could be the clearer connection...
Stern is one of the best architects in the country, but as photos of his project are posted, readers of Curbed chime in with comments about how "fake" they are etc. My impression is that most of the readers of Curbed are architects and designers. Of course these townhouses will sell like hotcakes, just like the Seneca Place posted below have been presold.

Modern infill projects in Cincinnati that are having trouble selling should take notice.

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