03 October 2008

Foreclosure Alley

"700 foreclosures a day in CA... half on market are repos... "trash-out" 15 homes a day... leaving in a hurry without a moving van... $120 spray-painted lawns..."about every third house is foreclosed here", bank owned, short sales, "we paid 399, and know its worth 180", "I don't see it getting better any time soon", "this community had only sprung up in the past 8 years":This scene is also happening around Ohio, though at a smaller scale. Website here.


Quimbob said...

I used to clean out homes repossessed by the VA in the early to mid 70s.
I can attest to what these guys "trashing out" these new homes are saying.
I would guess a lot of the stuff left in these newer homes was not taken because it was bought on credit, tho.
Easy credit does nobody any favors.

CityKin said...

In my younger days, I did stuff like this in rental properties, but it is pretty shocking to see in such large, new houses.

valereee said...

That newswoman sure seems chirpy about the whole thing.

Anonymous said...


Good news, the 2008 taco truck war in California has come to an end. Carne asada is not a crime.


Anonymous said...