07 October 2008

Aggressive Boys

We're not sure if we have issues with our boy, or if he is just being a boy.

Of course, being my wife's son, he is quite handsome, and he has deep emotion and I think he connects well with other boys. But everything with him is a competition. He wants to fight, and he wants to win. And when he doesn't, he rages.

It's hard for me to relate to this, because I don't think I was like this. He really gets aggressive while playing sports or doing anything. Everything is a competition. I can see him looking around and seeing how he fits in the world, how he compares to the other kids at school or on the soccer team.

Maybe this book "Raising Cain", would have some relavence.


Mark Miller said...

Sounds more like "Raising McCain".
Maybe that's why it's eating you.

Seriously though, he sounds like a perfectly wonderful kid. That hard-driving demeanor will take him places that compliant personalities can't get to. You'll of course teach him to channel that drive toward constructive ends, and set appropriate limits so he doesn't overwhelm others with his power.

But celebrate it! That's the stuff champions are made of.

CityKin said...

I hope so. Although I should know this that they are strong individuals, not compliant with my wishes, it is still suprising how powerful their personalities develop.

bsherm said...

My wife read Raising Cain and liked it a lot. She read some excerpts for me, and I have added it my queue of to be read. Based on her experience, I have no problems recommending it.