14 October 2008

Bedbug Comeback Needs DDT

Here is an editorial from a Conservative Ohio group that argues that stonger chemicals should be allowed to be used to combat bedbugs. They are a growing problem in Cincinnati and I have been wondering why we don't have better pesticides at our disposal. Too bad this article is just an opinion with no facts or links.

There are several good websites and blogs out there about how to defeat bedbugs. None that I read thought that DDT was a good idea. Apparently some bedbugs have developed resistance to DDT anyway.

Also: Saw an article about a dog that can sniff-out the hard-to-find critters.


Randy Simes said...

DDT is a horrendous chemical that was banned for good reason. This stuff is extremely hazardous to humans and the natural environment. No DDT.

Anonymous said...

DDT, used in an enclosed environment like a house is not a hazard. The problems associated with it's use arose through it's widespread agricultural dispersion. I am not aware of the hazards you say it has for humans, in fact during WW2, soldiers were dusted with it for delousing.

Unknown said...

I am an entomologist and pest professional that runs The Bed Bug Resource (www.thebedbugresource.com).

I would like to correct you; DDT is not the answer.

Bed bugs showed resistance to DDT just as it was being phased out. Even if we did bring back DDT it would not be working any better than the current products.

Bed bug work is not product dependent, it is how (and where) you apply the product that is important.


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