08 October 2008

Worm Bin Sorting

I wrote once before about vermicomposting. Every few months we must separate worms from dirt and take the rich new dirt for potting:


valereee said...

Easy sorting method: take a lingerie bag and fill it with apples and onions. Put it into one corner of your worm bin, then don't feed the worms anything else for a couple of weeks. Pull the lingerie bag (now full of worms) out, harvest the castings, fill the bin with fresh bedding, and empty the lingerie bag on top of them. Voila, no sorting!

CityKin said...

Thanks. I had to google lingerie bag, but it makes sense.

Do they like onions? They definitely like fruit, especially melon rinds.

valereee said...

They do like onions, but the main reason for using onions and apples is that they're both aromatics and therefore easy for the worms to find. The rottener, the better, so if you have some that are getting soft that you don't want to use for eating, this is a perfect use. If you have some past-their-prime apples and onions that are ready to be worm food but you don't need to collect worms right then, freeze them and use them when you do need them. I'm sure melon rinds or any other favorite worm food would work great, too.