08 October 2008

City Chickens

And no, this article has nothing to do with that Cincinnati Specialty: pork on a stick, rather it is about the growing number of people who are raising chickens in urban areas despite the fact that it is illegal according to many zoning ordinances.


VisuaLingual said...

Awesome. My neighbors in Oakland had chickens, and being woken up by their rooster at the crack of dawn was a bizarre routine for me.

Chris said...

My wife and I went on our honeymoon in Key West this past May, and the chickens wandering about the streets was near the top of the list of reasons we'd go back. They're not used for eggs at all, but I just enjoyed the fact that chickens will wander up to you at the many outdoor eating areas. I know this isn't really the point of the original post, but that's what the title reminded me of.

5chw4r7z said...

In Y-town, I had a coworker who lived in the country and brought me in fresh eggs. Greatest thing in the world.
I want to know when we can start buying eggs from these guys.