15 October 2008

The End of the Small TV

For many years, we had a Sony Watchman with a 5" screen in the kitchen so I could watch late night TV when doing the dishes etc. Well our TV finally bit the dust, and I thought maybe I'd get a new one. The problem is no one makes them anymore. As most people know, the analog television signals will dissapear this February. And no on makes a small digital TV. The solution, iPhone podcasts:
...it could use a better holder to prop it up.


Mark Miller said...

HDTV Tuner
That's the spec you're looking for.

Here's a nice cheap little under cabinet model. It's slightly larger than your old one, but should do the job.

Anonymous said...

If you don't mind jailbreaking your iPhone, check out http://www.orb.com. You can get live TV on there -- like a free slingbox.

ekalb said...

I rarely watch broadcast TV anymore. Almost all my TV is from online. Apple has burned me a few times paying for content and finding out that it is not allowed to be put on the iPhone. So beware. I stick to website downloads for video.

A friend of mine uses a small picture frame easel to hold up his iPhone. When I get around to it I plan on cutting out one from cardboard.

CityKin said...

^I think we are leaving broadcast TV too. We still turn it on sometime, but less and less.