15 July 2008

Obama Crowd on Fountain Square

Crowd Shots:

Kids on Shoulders:


All in fun, or are they sore losers?:

Bronze guy on snake watches Obama:

Cop and Tarbell:

Just married, very happy couple:

Arm in arm:


dew said...

Magical night last evening. Downtown was so electric, especially the Square. It was great seeing so many out-of-towners too, after the speech was over, hanging around Fountain Square, taking pictures, enjoying themselves.

It was fun being able to drink a beer on the Square too, without being corralled (sp?) in a tiny space.

And the big LED lights on the 5th/3rd wall take the cake - I heard so many people commenting on how amazing they were.

Kudos Nati - and thanks for the great pics Mike.


5chw4r7z said...

I hope everyone appreciates just what an invaluable resource the Square is. That was just incredible last night, I'm glad I was there for it. Can you believe even in that crowd I ran into half a dozen people I knew?

OTRFAN said...

what's up with that Wulsin patch on Tarbell's pants!!! lol

and that was quite a shirt for that officer to wear - wow..

looks like it was an amazing evening

CityKin said...

^All the evening lacked was a brass band...

OTRFAN said...

maybe for the inauguration ceremony!