03 July 2008

Camp Washington Pool

Here are some photos of the Camp Washington Pool. It is located right behind the trees at the Hopple Street exit from South I75, behind the very ugly Deveroes store. Despite being adjacent to the freeway, it is actually a very pleasant pool. It is a 6lane, 25 meter aluminum pool, with a 12' deep end with diving boards and a separate toddler pool. It is very similar to the Washington Park Pool. Fortunately for Camp Washington, their pool is located directly adjacent to their Community Center, and thus it is scheduled to remain in service. The Aquatics Plan calls for upgrades to the pool house, and I thought I heard talk of converting this to an indoor pool, and making it the Lifeguard Training Center. The Site has one baseball diamond, one soccer field, a blah playstructure and one well-used basketball court.

The Pool:
The Pool House:
The Community Center Building in the distance:
Deveroes and Hopple Street in the distance:
Kids getting ready to dive into the 12':
On your Mark:
The street outside the Community Center:

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