25 July 2008

Before and After in Grand Rapids



...some before and after photos of the restoration ICCF did of the D. A. Blodgett building in Grand Rapids. Originally built as an orphanage, it later became a children's hospital, and received a horrible addition in the front in the 1950s that completely obliterated the portico. Working off historical photographs, ICCF restored the building to its 1909 condition, adding in some hidden green features like solar panels on the flat roof, a water-permeable parking lot, and a cistern that catches the rainwater from the roof and uses it for irrigating the courtyard plantings. They're applying for LEED gold certification.

ICCF is the Inner City Christian Federation, a collaboration between churches to deliver urban regeneration in Grand Rapids. The city has one of the first NU city planning ordinances in the country.


Anonymous said...

Could you explain, NU city planning ordinances for me?

Anonymous said...

Hurray! Way to go Michigan!

Mike, the streetcar network in Germany is fantastic. No more than a 15 min wait before the next car arrives.

Randy Simes said...

jfd, I'm guessing he is meaning New Urbanist style planning ordinance. You can learn more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Urbanism

Also I must say that is a stunning contrast...nice stuff.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rando,
I agree, it is an amazing transformation. I'll have to check it out the next time I'm in GR.