07 July 2008

bowling alone more in urban areas

A recent study claims that residents of neighborhoods with hight density
have fewer friends.”
-But maybe it increases the number and diversity of aquaintances?


VisuaLingual said...

Well, hmm... I have a bunch of thoughts on this, but one that's not mentioned in the article as a possibility is the fact that so many people move, for college, later for work, maybe again for work... So many younger adults don't live where they grew up, or live near the various sets of friends they've made over the years, or close to their families. I suppose that results, or can result, in a certain amount of loneliness and simply less of a history/connection with wherever one happens to live. Anyway, I think a lot of this isn't just about urbanism or cities, but about values, expectations, and the job market.

CityKin said...

yeah, I was thinking it might correlate more directly to amount of freetime and less directly to amount of open space.