31 July 2008

Crime and Vouchers Redux

A liberal retort to the Atlantic article a few weeks ago that claimed a link between Section 8 vouchers and spreading crime. I linked to the original article here. After reading both articles, I really don't think they disagree as much as they purport. Both see the old "projects' as largely problematic and also believe support of some kind must follow the vouchers. The new article points out that there is no evidence that the actual voucher recipients are the criminals, and also points out that the poor economy in cities like Memphis are the more likely culprit.

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Radarman said...

Both articles are must reading for anyone interested in the demonization of Section 8.

Cincinnatians can see the positive effect of replacing Laurel Homes and Lincoln Court with City West. The West End is a safer place, and downtown is a little less culturally confrontational. But Price Hill, Westwood, and Northside got hit and hit hard by the razing of the central city projects. There's no doubt about that.