31 July 2008

Movie on Square this Saturday

I think we will be going to Fountain Square for the movie Aladdin Jumanji. If anyone wants to meet up with kids, send me an email.

The rest of the season:
Aug 2 Jumanji, The Mummy
Aug 9 Karate Kid, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Aug 16 Stuart Little, Mrs. Doubtfire
Aug 23 Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Aug 30 The Iron Giant, Transformers
Sept 6 Rudy, We Are Marshall
The website says movies start at 7:30, but I swear they start at 7:00.


Dan said...

Mike: That is an old list and Aladdin is not playing. Make sure you see the new, revised list at:

I'd much prefer to see Aladdin, Little Mermaid than the others they have coming up.

CityKin said...

^Thanks Dan, I'll update the post. I've never even heard of Jumanji, but we'll probably give it a try.

CityKin said...

I would like to see the Iron Giant, Aug 30th too.

Randy Simes said...

That is an interesting list...although you should enjoy Jumanji with Robin Williams.

Unknown said...

That would mean actually being around kids, correct?? That is simply silly, sir :>)

CityKin said...

Yes, and they will be squealing and screaming. Actually many adults come, simply I think because it is free.