12 July 2008

Discontent and Disconnected

Came across this post from a mom, disgruntled at where she finds herself in her suburban life. Yesterday her post was much longer, (and much more pro-Chicago and anti-Cleveland), but she apparently had second thoughts and shortened it.

...I am having a difficult time living life from the sidelines of manicured suburban Ohio lawns. I would desperately trade in each one of my thousand feet of living for a tiny slice of city. I want to be closer to my family, I want my children to be more than just visitors in the city. Our house here is obnoxiously big and incredibly beautiful and picture perfect in every way. But I feel as if life is passing me by so fast.

I think there are more city wannabees out there than we know.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

honestly, not suprised. The excitement of the city will get to anyone and everyone who ever experienced it.

You cant be happy in your hous ein the suburbs, just as close to you neighbor as any city dwelling.

Im sorry to hear this woman will probably abandon her kids and husband