17 December 2007

Who is Tom Weidman

I got a telephone pole (poll) this weekend, that was obviously paid for by a Sycamore Township Trustee, Tom Weidman, who is apparently considering a run against Portune for Hamilton County Commissioner.

The questions were things like:
- Would the fact that candidate Weidman is against illegal immigration make you more likely to vote for him or Portune?
- Same question, insert abortion.

I didn't know that Hamilton County Commissioners decided such issues.


Kelly said...

With hot-button issues like that being mentioned (especially for a county commissioner race), it sounds more like a push poll than real opinion-gathering.

Julie said...

Ugh. Abortion affects the Hamilton County race how?

Anonymous said...

Contact the Wiedman office, some organization may be using his name in a negative "dirty trick poll" like was done in New Hampshire.

Read the article:

Joe Wessels said...

Phil Heimlich used the same tactic, if it is, in fact, true that this was not paid for by Weidman, but someone else.

And I have to admit that I chuckled when I had to read your post twice, envisioning that you received a big, long, tar-dipped wooden telephone pole from a Sycamore Township trustee. Then I thought about it and realized you had actually meant you got a telephone call that was in the form of a poll.

CityKin said...

Pole=poll. Whoops. I thought something looked wrong when I was typing the word pole, but couldn't see the mistake in front of my eyes. Pretty funny. I think I will leave the mistake intact.