05 December 2007

Kids Programs this Saturday

First there is the Lloyd Library Young Naturalist, meeting at 10am-12.

Then noon-2 at Nicholas Gallery, they will be making Christmas Ornaments.

I plan on trying both events!


Nicole said...

Thanks for posting, Mike! I took my niece and nephew to the children's workshop at Tower Place last year to make ornaments and we had a great time. This is their annual "Christmas weekend in the city" so we'll check this one out this weekend too!

CityKin said...

^thanks for the reminder. I actually think we did that too last year, and it was very crowded as I recall. I like it when there are crowds like that downtown.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Just came across your blog. I work at the Lloyd Library. We look forward to having you at the program this Saturday and welcome anyone else who may be interested in the Young Naturalists Club to come. I would encourage those interested to give us a call to register because there is somewhat limited space and the program is gaining popularity. This program occurs the second Saturday of each month through May, 2008. You can find more information on our website: http://www.lloydlibrary.org/kids/lloydkidsmain.html. The number to call for registration is: 513-721-3707. Hope to see you here at the Lloyd!

CityKin said...

^ We plan on being there Saturday morning.