07 December 2007

1,000 Visitors

In September, I put a counter on this site (Google Analytics), and today I passed 1,000 unique viewers. There have been 2,400 total visits and 4,300 pageviews. I think 1,000 viewers in 3 months, is pretty good for a site that is ultra-local and non-political.

In September I usually had 30 unique viewers per day. A few days ago, I had 130 in one day. My highest traffic day is typically Monday, the lowest Sunday.

Of course there are more readers on the days when the posts are interesting, not just filler. And I have more than just visitors. I have gotten to know a few people in-person or via email through contact at this site, and that is pretty neat too.

I don't see other bloggers post about their traffic much at all. Is it bad manners or something?


Dan said...

Mike - I am so umm, stupid I guess, because I don't know how to check it. But I'd like to know . ..

Beach said...

I check all that stuff on my blog too. I even posted a map of where my visitors came from. I also know of others who post stats. So, no, I don't think it is in bad form to post.

CityKin said...

You have to put a piece of gobledegook in your sidebar before you can start counting. It took me a few hours to figure it out. If I can do it anyone can. Go to the blogger how-to section and it spelled it out.

Dan said...

Thanks Mike!