17 December 2007

Reliable Going Out of Business


Court Street seems to be in some trouble/transititon lately. Much more vacancies than it should be, I think. These storefronts get tons of lunchtime foot traffic, and the right store should do fine. Reliable has a great location, and has been in business for 99 years. It was a neat place that carried stuff that can't be found anywhere else. The owner Gene, bought and fixed-up old bikes and was a committed downtowner. Despite this, I never was quite sure how he made any money. I'm not sure why he is closing, and maybe it doesn't matter, as long as something else useful fills the space.

Sign at 29 E. Court Street:


Anonymous said...

Darn, I'll miss Gene.. He fixed my old record player, bike and numerous other vintage electronics. I was wondering why his shop has been closed so much lately..

Anonymous said...

Walked by that spot hundreds of times over the last 5 years, rarely did it appear 'open' to me, except for the 'watch kitties' sometimes in the windows. But he has some neat stuff in the windows. Sandwich shops on Court Street (and near) come & go regularly.