25 December 2007

Ohio and the Candy Cane

Doscher's is an old-time candy maker, still located on Court Street, in downtown Cincinnati. Their candy is sold all-over the region, and you probably have their candy canes in your house now. Below a quote about candy canes and their history in Ohio:

1847 - The National Confectioners' Association officially recognizes August Imgard as the first ever to put candy canes on a Christmas tree. Imgard, a German immigrant living in Wooster, Ohio, decorated his tree with a star cut by the village tinsmith, and decorated it with paper ornaments and candy canes. The canes were all white, with no red stripes.


Anonymous said...

Amen for candy made in the USA...and not in China! Another Ohio candy maker - Spangler, in Bryan Ohio - is still making your favorite Dum Dums suckers right up the road - not on the other side of the planet. My favorite? The mystery flavor....it's like end-of-day glass at the glass factory. They throw all the leftovers together into one vat and make it into suckers. It tastes different every time and you can't quite put your finger on exactly what all is in it. Now that's some good clean fun.

CityKin said...

^ I remember that mystery flavor.