23 December 2007

Washington Park School Historic Photo

Below is a photo that I retrieved, courtesy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, that shows the in-progress demolition of more than 30 buildings in preparation for the construction of Washington Park Elementary School.

Same view today after school removed:

Here is a map of the area:

A closer view of Race Street at 14th, shows 4 storefronts and two buildings that are now gone (1326 and 1330-32). Also note that there are no wires as Race Street has underground electric and the intersection is a 4-way stop sign:

If you click on the pictures, you should be able to see more detail.

Today, showing the two missing building lots:

Here is a closeup of a grand house front steps, wrought iron fence and tree in the front yard:

Here is a closeup of the old-pool house. The old pool was to the south. Also, you can see the rear of the last house standing on the block, and the remains of the southernmost portion of Pleasant Street, which ended at the pool building:

The pool area today, with the "controversial" basketball hoop:

A photo from 14th street looking out at the new view of Music Hall. Notice the vacant lot on the left, where a corner furniture store is located in the historic photo:


Joe Wessels said...

That's really interesting to see, Mike. Thanks for digging them up. How'd you get that from the Enqy?

Dan said...

Yeah, those are pretty cool. Thanks!

Kevin LeMaster said...

Awesome finds.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the research and info Mike. I sure miss working downtown.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing, Mike. I never knew there were buildings on that site, I always thought the park went to 14th st. Amazing.

Kyle said...

Does anyone know whats going on with that little green space at the corner of Race and 14th shown in the last photo? Who owns it? what is done with it? Could it be used for something other then an empty lot?

CityKin said...

Nast Trinity Church owns the lot, and they don't have any plans for it as far as I know.