10 December 2007

Localvore or Locavore

I recently read, that the word Locavore, was voted the best new word or 2007. I think the origination of the term is "eating food that is grown locally". I agree with that sentiment, but also try to support local hardware stores and shops too.

However, it is definitely possible to go over-board with this sentiment. For example, we bought a car a few years ago, partially because the dealer is within walking distance.

....we should have read Consumer Reports first.

Anyway, I would like to coin a new word: Locablog.

1 comment:

Cincinnati NAMjA said...

Yea...it’s always best to shop around or at least do a bit a research on the product in which you are going to buy. I agree with you...supporting local vendors is a great sentiment, but sometimes that decision does not sit well with your pocketbook.