06 December 2007

Meeting Today to Discuss Pools in OTR

Just found out that the CRC is holding a meeting today to discuss the aquatic plan. I don't think I can make it, because of the late notice, and I'm not sure what the format is, or what will be discussed. Thursday, Dec 6th, 4pm at the OTR Rec Center, 1700 block of Race Street.


Kevin LeMaster said...

How did the meeting go?

CityKin said...

It was a last minute meeting setup by CRC to state their case, after they have already voted on it. I couldn't make it, but CRC is apparently unbending in their belief that spraygrounds are the wave of the future. The only pools they want to keep are those inside or adjacent to a Community Center. They plan on making the indoor OTR pool a summer-only pool (what?).

I can't believe that Mt. Adam's residents, Fairview and others will just sit by and let their pools be removed also. The Mt. Adams pool is very popular and well-attended by single adults who will not benefit from the spray ground. Not to mention that Dinasour Day-Camp uses that pool intesively.

I feel another post coming on.