29 December 2007

1132 Bar


[Where: 1132 Race Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202]


Anonymous said...

This place opens EARLY with many interesting local characters eating eggs & toast and drinking coffee before 7:00. I wonder how closely the smoking ban is observed there... thanks for this unique interior photo

CityKin said...

This photo was taken at 11pm, usual bar time, but this bar operates from 5am to 5pm. I only wish the menu had not become washed-out in the photo, becuase then you could see the $1.25 egg sandwich etc. listed on the menu.

I had breakfast and coffee here once. Many of the other customers were having stiff drinks early in the morning.

catherine said...

God bless the 1132 bar! Although I do not frequent it I love that it exists and provides one of the few remaining cheap bars in the downtown area. The early drinkers might be off putting but it is helpful to remember that the bar services a lot of shift workers including day labor workers who are ending their overnight shifts and having a drink after work, a custom my own grandfather enjoyed with fellow journalists when he worked for the paper and radio. I knew many people in recovery who would go there just to get a coffee and socialize. There should be a place for a day laborer to hang out too. I love these nitty,gritty establishments and feel they are an endangered species.