09 February 2008

Tour of the Q

I took a tour of the rehabs along Vine between 12th and 13th today. I was impressed with the layout of the new units under construction at 1232 Vine. I also liked the finished interiors of 1124 and 1126 Race, which I had not seen before. I am not a great photographer, and I have a hard time getting good interior shots, so here are a few interesting shots I took of the surrounding buildings:

1132 Race, South side of the building is solid brick.. lots o' bricks:

Different angle, showing the townhouse balconies and old windows:

The back (south) of Jackson Lofts, blue sky, St. Mary's Steeple and the Art Academy:

Similar shot, but lower, showing the rear of some Jackson Street buildings:

Cornice of 1132 Vine with buildings across the street:

Shot from inside a corner unit looking onto 13th and Vine


Cincinnati NAMjA said...

Yeah...I am really excited about this redevelopment project! I hope to take a peak at them very soon.

Randy Simes said...

3CDC is doing a fabulous job...OTR has the potential to become the SoHo of the Midwest. These buildings/units are just fantastic...I can wait until I buy one.

Dan said...

Nice pics. I think a lot of us will have some similar shots.

Kevin LeMaster said...

I found my future Building Cincinnati office yesterday at Centennial Row.... :D