14 February 2008

Good Swings Have Long Chains


Who designs a swing with a four foot chain? Not much is accomplished on such a swing other than a kind of dizzyness. Then also, they are usually, too far off the ground.

We have a freind who put a long long swing on an oak tree. Wow, it is so pleasant and the kids love it. Even the little kids. It isn't any more dangerous, as far as I can tell. So why don't we have more of them? Perhaps, because a long swing either needs to be on a tall tree, or on a more expensive piece of play equipment.

The swingset at the Eden Park Overlook are a holdout. Unfortunately Cincinnati Recreation Commission probably has them on a "to remove" list. Last year, there were some long-chained swings just like these in Mt. Airy Forest, but they were removed this past spring and replaced with mini-swingsets.

Swing with short chain:

Bellvue Park swing 2004:

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