04 February 2008

Cooking at the Krohn

I received an odd email notifying me of cooking classes at the Krohn Conservatory. I say odd because, what does a Conservatory have to do with cooking? Where in the building do they conduct the classes?

However, they have adult and child classes, and I may try taking the kids to the child classes as they combine plant info with the cooking. Unfortunately some of the classes clash with the times for the Lloyd Library Young Naturalists classes.

I couldn't find any info about this online, so no links:
The "Cooking With Krohn" Program Schedule

We are proud to introduce our schedule of cooking classes held at Krohn Conservatory. 2008 is our 75th anniversary and we are celebrating by offering specialized classes focused on the 1930s era of cooking and eating and much more. All of the following programs are taught by Ilene Ross.

Adult fees are $20.00 per program for non-members
$10.00 for Friends of Krohn Patron Level
Child Classes are $10.00 each (no discounts)

Adult Classes: 1:00-3:00PM
Child Classes: 11:00-12:00 noon

Call Krohn Conservatory at 513.421.5707

Saturday, February 9th
Adult Class: Chocolate and Romance
Child Class: Chocolate. Past and Present

Saturday, March 15th
Adult Class: Happy 75th Birthday Krohn Conservatory!
Child Class: The Great Depression...What was so Great?

Saturday, May 17th
Adult Class: No More Take-Out!
Child Class: Aren't We Fortunate!

Saturday, July 12th
Adult Class: Food as Fuel
Child Class: From Farm to Table

Saturday, August 9th
Adult Class: Heirloom Tomatoes and Findlay Market Tour
Child Class: That Doesn't look like a Tomato!

Saturday, September 20th
Adult Class: Coffee and Tea, Not Just Beverages Anymore
Child Class: International Tea Party

Saturday, October 11th
Adult Class: Stalking the Wild Mushroom
Child Class: The Fungus Among Us

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