13 February 2008

Obama Groundswell In Cincinnati

I tried to go with my son to the first Cincinnati Obama organizing meeting. We had to park blocks away, and the roads and sidewalks were very icy. There were three mute Ron Paul sign holders standing out front in the cold. We could get in the first set of doors but is was too crowded to get through the next set. Inside, hundreds of people were intently listening to several speakers. There was tons of positive energy among the crowd which seemed like a pretty even cross section of Cincy. More and more people were arriving as we left shortly after 7pm.


Anonymous said...

Even though Hillary has had big leads in Ohio and Texas, I think Obama's momentum should make it close.

CityKin said...

I hope so. Nice site you have there Andy.

Randy Simes said...

Yup...we're still a couple weeks out from Ohio's primary. The reliable "more you know Barack...the more you like him" scenario will kick in.

Plus add in the fact that he'll be riding a month-long winning streak. Those numbers are sure to tighten up between now and then.