21 February 2008

Bikes in Portland

I promise, I'll get to the streetcar posts soon. Until then though, here is evidence of the extensive bike ridereship in PDX.

A typically crowded bike rack:

Bike rack at the Public Library. I noticed several homeless people carts tethered to the racks here:

Bikes at Powell's Books:

Bike lockers in city center:

Biker and bike on the light rail line. A hangar is provided.

Families biking on the riverfront on Sunday morning:

Bike racks and bike lockers at suburban rail station:

Bike racks are everywhere, and are coordinated with the other street infrastructure. Here are trees and bike racks providing separation from cars, by the Chinese Gardens:


Chris S said...

Oh how I love Powells... I hope you had ample time to explore there. Such a great establishment...

Chris S said...

Oh, I meant to ask, did you get any snaps of the bike lanes? So cool how the sheer number of available bike lanes...

CityKin said...

I did get to browse Powells but it was too big for the short time I had. It had a great vibe though.

I didn't really even notice the bike lanes and no photos of that.