07 February 2008

CAC Family Art Day


Time for kids to create some art:
Contemporary Art Center: Family Sunday
Sunday, 2/24 1-4 pm, UnMuseum®
Artist Sol LeWitt said, "a life in art is an unimaginable and unpredictable experience." LeWitt showed that art is as much about ideas as it is about craft.

Collaborate with artist Kate Donnelly. Create a three-dimensional structure, using balsa wood cubes, inspired by LeWitt.


Beach said...

It's great to have activities like this so close to us. I can't wait for our son to be old enough to do these type of things.

CityKin said...

Typically there is so much stuff to do on Saturdays that we just walk around and make stops at several of the museums or the library. I'm almost regretting soccer season starting back next month, because we won't have such laid-back Saturdays then.