04 February 2008

Mt Adams Pool Meeting

Mt. Adams Civic Association Meeting, Tuesday February 5th, 7:30 pm
30 Guido Street, Holy Cross Immacuta Parish Center

The Mt. Adams Moms have submitted the following questions to the CRC:
1. Our community has done everything asked by the CRC and more for the Mt. Adams pool. We increased an already healthy membership, stood up at City Council meetings in support of more CRC funding, raised money(door-to-door)to help with pool improvements, and purchased four giant shade umbrellas. We even secured grant money to commission a local artist to work with the Dinosaur Camp kids on a beautiful outside wall mural on behalf of the CRC. We obviously care a lot about this pool. Upon meeting - and exceeding these demands, Mt. Adams was assured that our pool would be fixed and remain in operation. The Mt. Adams community fulfilled its end of the bargain. A change in leadership should not invalidate the CRC's commitments.

2. If you look at the people who frequent the Mt. Adams pool, you'll find a diverse group. One thing they have in common is that they are choosing to live in the city of Cincinnati, pay the considerable taxes that come with that, and generally give more to than they ask from the city. This pool is one of the few services with a direct impact. Is it reasonable to take away the sole CRC presence in this neighborhood? More broadly, there is concern that the CRC's resources seem to be moving further and further from the city's geographical core. Is the city moving away from supporting families living near downtown?

3. What process is in place for community input for the implemenation of CRC resources? The proposed spray grounds seem to be counter to the CRC's previous stated goals of helping kids learn to swim (an importantlife skill as well as exercise) and excludes the older children, young single people and empty nesters who enjoy the pools each summer. Our community is especially diverse with regards to age and lifestyle and a spray ground would not serve a large contingent of our population. How can our community help determine the future use this space?

4. What can we, as a community do to help the CRC keep the Mt. Adams pool and all the viable pools open and operating? As you know, these pools are something our city should be very proud of and celebrated as something that distinguishes Cincinnati from other cities. Sadly, once these pools are gone, they are not coming back. How do we protect them and make them even better? What alternative funding sources have been explored? What appears to be the best chance of securing additional funds?

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