12 February 2008



Snow days are good for sledding, but also for board games.

Never in my life had I played dominos until this month. It is pretty good for kids working on simple math skills. Apparently, there are dozens of ways to play dominos. I think the rules we are playing by is closest to Muggins or All Fives.

It's also a good time for card games:


Anonymous said...

wooo hooo!
snow days are great for playing card games!

especially Quick Count Football!

Thanks for posting the photo Mike

PS- Did you see the article on Quick Count in yesterday's Ky Enquirer? Here's a link:

Anonymous said...

I recently learned that in Mexico you can make a lot of money playing Dominoes.

CityKin said...

Dave; (to respond to your comment two days ago), cornhole is a horseshoe type game played with bean-bags. It has some kind of cult-like following in the Cincy area. It is more of an summer barbecue thing, not an indoor snow day type thing.

Anonymous said...

Mike - thank you for the explanation. I've never heard of the game. Will have to give it a try.

Anonymous said...

Blink! and Blokus for us today. My daughter has also decided she wants to make a quilt. Block by block a quilt is born. I would actually get something done myself if I didn't have to start and end each seam!