13 February 2008

Glencoe Place

Interesting photo that I found in our office archives. I think the picture was taken in the late 70's to demonstrate the newly remodeled townhouses (Glencoe Place) that line the steep hillsides here in Mt. Aurburn. But also notice Sander Hall (now demolished) and St. George's (now fire damaged) in the distance.

An on-the-street view shortly after rehab:

[Where: 7 Glencoe Place, Cincinnati, OH 45219]


bsherm said...

Thanks for the pictures and the link. I have been curious about the back story for the sight. It is very disappointing that it went so quickly from a model of rehabilitation, to needing rehabilitation again. Also the article is 4 years old... I wonder what happened to the development.

Kevin LeMaster said...

That first photo may be the coolest shot ever.

Randy Simes said...

Great find...Glencoe Place could really be something special if done right.