12 February 2008

Skate for Schools Feb 29


FRI. FEB. 29 11:30-1:30 -- Skate for Schools on Fountain Square. Bring a lunch and a thermos of hot chocolate. Come and show your support for CPS!


Note: The schools are closed February 29th for a teacher in-service day.

UPDATE: THIS EVENT CANCELLED because the Skating Rink is closing Monday for the season. This is a week earlier than originally planned.


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous idea! We'll definitely be there. Thanks for publicizing.

CityKin said...

Not sure if I'll take off work for this but, my wife and kids will be there. Might be a chance to meet a few people.

Anonymous said...

Is this sponsored by Parents for Public Schools or by CASE?
I'd love to publicize it at our school. And have everybody wearing levy stickers! Sure to make the news.

CityKin said...

I think it is PPS, but I am not sure. I just get emails from other parents who are more involved.