09 May 2008

The Worst Sidewalk Downtown


[where: 13 E. Thirteenth Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202]
(SW corner of Thirteenth and Jackson, 1227 Jackson ie: Jackson Street Warehouse is the owner responsible)


Joe Wessels said...

I have thought that many times, too, CityKin. Isn't there a ordinance that allows for the city to fix the sidewalk and bill the owner of the property? If so, I think it should be invoked here.

CityKin said...

Yes the City does that and I don't know why this one has been left like this for sooo long. I am wondering if there is something specific to this site, as it looks like there may be a vault under here, and there is a CGE manhole.

The building was rehabbed into lofts a few years ago, and I thought it would be fixed then. But no.

Jimmy_James said...

Well, that's just terrible.

Anonymous said...

That sidewalk is not downtown it is in OTR. I take a baby stroller over it about 3 times a week with no problems.