24 May 2008

Vine Street Kroger Going Upscale?

Not really. Not at all. They still have minimal produce selection, but they did add a small display of Honey, Kashi, Soy Nut Butter, and Power Bars which they never had before:
Sorry for the fuzzy photo. See previous post on this Krogers. By the way, the store at 1412 Vine, adjacent to Krogers has now closed. The old owners were stripping it last week, and it is padlocked and it looks like it is sold, probably to 3CDC.


Anonymous said...

Buying this stuff would show Kroger that they need to do more of the same to offer better products all around.

I think I see Peanut Butter Company peanut butter? Which is exceptionally good.

VisuaLingual said...

Wow, someone's got eagle eyes -- that is PB&Co. peanut butter. Tim from Carteaux & Leslie downtown mentioned to me a couple of months ago that he'd been lobbying that Kroger for some organic foods; maybe his efforts have started paying off.

I do shop there and, while it's not great for all needs, it's perfectly adequate for a lot of basics. This new display, though small, amazes me and will come in handy. Thanks for the head's up, Mike!

CityKin said...

I just noticed another blogger noticing some choice items at the Vine Street Kroger Here