14 May 2008

Starbuck Examples

Associates of mine on an email listserve took the following pictures and I thought I would post them since they represented well my post two months ago about Starbucks being less urban and more suburban, like other fast food places:

By a freeway:

The next 3 are from Washington DC and are an example of good urbanism:


Jimmy_James said...

I've always disliked the "suburban" Starbucks, but I really enjoy the design of the ones in more urban settings.

Speaking of such things, a friend of mine once told me that Starbucks has an agreement with Barnes & Noble, where they get a coffee shop inside of each bookstore, but in turn they will not open another Starbucks location within a set radius of that store. He used to manage a Starbucks, so I find him to be credible, although I have no other source to check this with.

I had always wondered why there was a Starbucks in Newport's B&N and another far south at the Newport/Ft. Thomas border, but none in Newport's quite walkable downtown. Perhaps this is why.

Barry Floore said...

I've been to that starbucks in the final picture.

Chris S said...

I think for the most part, the ones in the city proper here are done quite well (4th & Vine (directly below my office) as well as up near the University). As a chain store, its interesting how they adapt to various environments.

Jimmy_James said...

^ Agreed. Chipotle is another chain that does an amazing job of adapting their formula to fit unique urban locations. I hope we get one downtown soon.

Kevin LeMaster said...

^ Stay tuned.