20 May 2008

St Paulus Kirche

Kevin, at Building Cincinnati, reports today that the City is considering an ordinance to transfer this church, among other properties to 3CDC. Over the past few months parts of the tower have been falling off. Will 3CDC save the oldest standing Protestant church in the city? It had roof repairs ten years ago to stave off demolition, but has sat crumbling since.


[Where 1419 Race Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202]

UPDATE: Some additional photos:
Here is a historic postcard type photo that I got from some parishioners at St Peter and Paul Church (at Ferguson and Queen City, Westwood). St Peter and St Paul church apparently merged and moved to Westwood in 1948. St Peter, which was near Rothenberg has long since been demolished.

The Parsonage, 1417 Race, which was demolished by the City in 2006, after the rear wall collapsed:

And from the Cincinnati Public Library Memory Project comes this photo of St Peters:
That is the corner of Main and McMicken, and Rothenberg would be located right behind it. What a great building at a great location.


Dan said...

Huh, I was always told or read that St. Paul never had a steeple.

The location of St. Peter was fantastic!

Unknown said...

Love the old photos, esp the 1419 Race Street one--miss those old tanks, I mean cars.AnnieH

Jason said...

Looks like roof stabilization is ongoing right now. I realize this post is 2+ years old, but it does look like they're saving the building!